Saturday, July 30, 2016

July- week 3

This will probably be my last blog post...I've set up a new instagram account where I'll post more pictures and comments about life happenings. If you want to follow that account the username is jensenfamily85.

All too soon it was time to fly Evan home. I was so sad to leave Logan with him knowing he won't be back until Christmas...He was so good on the flight. He watched and played games on my ipad almost the whole way. It was nice that the middle seat was open so he sat there most of the flight. It was so cute to see his reunion with Kylee, Brody and Owen.

Owen changed so much in 10 days!!! He's sooo adorable. I just love loving on him.

Kylee and I took the boys to Boeing field for their 100 year celebration.
I discovered this wild blackberry patch just down the street from their house. Yum!

I helped Kylee with a few projects during the week. I painted the drawers and step, helped her make curtains and helped with the mountains in Evans room, helped her get Evan's birthday party ready and filled holes, calked and painted some trim and baseboards in the kitchen, hallway and living room.

I'm so happy I was there for Evan's 2nd birthday! He was so cute about everything and knows that he's 2 and loved being sung to, and of course loved all his presents.
After opening everything, we went to breakfast at a yummy cafe that served delicious crepes and waffles.

Kylee took these adorable pictures in their backyard. It's SO hard to get him to sit or stand still for more than 3 seconds, so, given that, she was thrilled with how well they turned out.

His birthday party the next day could not have been any cuter. I loved the construction theme and it was fun watching him playing with his friends.

It was a sad flight home knowing my fun two months was over and it would be 4 months until I see the Hatch's again... :( :( :(

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

July- week 2

Kylee, Brody and Owen left to go home on the 6th, but we convinced them to let us keep Evan for another 10 days then I would fly him home. We all had so much fun having him to ourselves! He was so good and fun. Lindsey planned a fun welcome to Utah party for Jordan and her kids (and Claire and family too but they couldn't come) at Mack Park. We had fun eating, playing water balloon volleyball and visiting.

The next day we had an awesome Griffin family reunion at Bear Lake to celebrate Mom's 90th birthday. It was so much fun!

The next day Jord and her kids came to Sac mtg w/ us then over for dinner. I'm so happy they live in Utah now and occasions like this can be more frequent!

Evan and I did a lot of fun activities with Jess and the Hess kids who she nannies. We went to two different parks, to the zoo, on walks, bike rides and swimming at the Hess's pool. Evan is my little buddy and I just adore him.

 Yay! I finally saw a beautiful summer sunset.